Founded by longtime brothers Bill and Matt Callison, Orion Packs distributes their products in Colorado, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. Although the company officially introduced their MonoBody design in 2011, the idea for a dedicated ski carry system became Matt’s brainchild 15 years ago while he was skiing at Crystal Mountain in Washington state. Matt sketched what he envisioned the pack would look like and then enlisted the help of his rabid outdoorsman friend Jim who happened to already have a sewing machine and tons of webbing, nylons, and buckles. The two of them immediately went to work on the design.

After creating more than 20 prototypes, Matt and Jim achieved their initial goal of constructing a pack body capable of securing a pair of skis across the back and against the torso. At that moment the Archer was born. But building a brand or a company was not the objective at that point – instead Matt and Jim built the packs for themselves to use on their own mountain missions. A decade and a half later, Matt decided to reexamine the possibility of building a brand and Orion Packs was established.

Because Orion develops their designs based on the feedback they receive from their testers, who are outdoor enthusiasts spending a significant amount of time in the backcountry, the company’s line has become popular at REI and online. As a result, Orion Packs has grown into a brand that resonates with consumers looking for a quality pack built with skiers, snowboarders, motocross racers, snowmobilers, mountain bikers, hikers, and runners in mind.      

Orion’s commitment to its customers, retailers, athletes, and the brand as a whole is exhibited by their dedication to the highest standards in personnel and products. Through seasonal onsite clinics and product demonstrations, the company’s staff will always be educated, passionate, and comfortable with the quality of the products and their features.