Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Orion Packs owner Matt Callison has always been an athlete. He pursued “stick and ball” sports for most of his life which lead to him playing college football as starting linebacker for Portland State and then playing competitive rugby for the Seattle Rugby Football Club. Matt has always loved to compete –it fuels his soul.

In addition to football and rugby, Matt has always enjoyed skiing – a sport he has been involved with for most of his 46 years on this planet.  He enjoys the preparation involved, the cold weather, and the speed and thrill of what makes skiing such a cosmic release. With new trends and terrain, Matt finds himself exhilarated to be part of the millions of other participants – whether they are hardcore gnar wall-droppers who live and breathe big mountain skiing or the general populous of lift-served wannabe shredders. He is honored to share that tribal spirit with those who love spending time in the mountains as much as he does.

Matt strongly believes that everyone, down to their inner core, is primal in their quest to find a reason to seek adventure. His adventurous spirit brought him to Colorado and led him to starting Orion Packs which he views as a contribution to those who want to explore and who belong outdoors.